Roxbury Celebrates Memorial Day Weekend With Lightsabers & Spandex

by THEO HENDRIX · June 1, 2011

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    If Dov Charney and American Apparel wanted to class up their image, they'd probably owe Roxbury a big "thank you" in the form of some gratis marketing, or at the very least, a lovely fruit basket since the nightclub's employee uniforms and patron ensembles appear to be the reason the retailer is still considered even a little financially viable to someone. As you can see, Friday night DJ Spider lit up Roxbury with the help of bottle sparklers, Go-Go dancers in really tiny spandex numbers, and of course lightsabers.

    To kick off the three-day Memorial weekend properly, Roxbury packed in a young beat-hungry crowd of bros and ladies in dresses so tight and small, lines between fabric and flesh were indistinguishable, like something out of science-fiction. Boys and girls found love on the dance floor to the tunes provided by Steve Castro and DJ Spider, dancing their workweek worries away. Copious amounts of alcohol aided in this process and the Go-Go dancers in barely-there Am App-like spandex strips were just there to enhance the vibe. Obviously, lightsabers were incorporated in honor of the holiday, but in case you're not getting the relevance, they're a tribute to the brave men and women who battled the Sith of the Dark Side.