Samantha Ronson Banned From Drai's And We Love Her For It

by THEO HENDRIX · February 3, 2011

    We had breakthrough upon reading the following tweet Samantha Ronson sent out Tuesday night before we hit up the new Animal Tuesdays and Trousdale:

    ...And probably the most awesome thing WE came across that day. HA!

    We haven't been the biggest fans of Sam ever since that time she flipped us the bird. Remember that? But this tweet makes us happy. We appreciate it on several levels and can look past the one-finger salute and actually say we like her now. Good for her for standing her DJ ground and not playing the wackass pop song. And for sending out this generally awesome tweet. Is she actually banned from Drai's? Maybe not, but better if she is. Doesn't matter, we still want to give her a hug.