NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Thursday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 3, 2011

    Bring your doggie to the night club, find out why the NY Public Library is growing as a party spot, and see why the infamous party crasher was busted recently. It's all here and all wild today in our nightlife round-up. Let's kick it.

    1. N.Y.'s Doggie Disco; Party With Your Dog [The Daily]

    Does this mean Stanley can finally come out and party with us for real?

    "Sniffing fellow revelers and peeing on the floor is a surefire way to get kicked out of most nightclubs, but at New York City's Fetch Club, it's all part of the four-legged fun.This doggie disco in Manhattan is the first of its kind--a late-night haven for hard-partying pooches and their owners."

    The club costs $300 a year in membership fees, and get this: each dog, seriously, is charged a $25 cover at the door.

    2. Book Party For Jon-Jon Goulian [The Doree Chronicles]

    [Jon-Jon Goulian]

    Doree Shafrir attended a she-she-la-la book party for The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt and masters the Tumblr tone in her report.

    "Tonight there was a party for a book that is coming out in May that was billed in the email subject line as a 'media event' and an 'advance celebration' in the body of the email and, in the attached .jpg invitation--which featured the party's honoree in a tank top and a gray skirt made out of what appeared to be jersey material and black boots--as a 'first look.' The invitation also promised an open bar until 8:30 p.m.m and seeing as there are not so many book parties anymore, let alone ones with open bars, let alone ones that are held three months before a book's release, and that the parties of the holiday season' are now a distant memory and no one has seen anyone else for ages, by the time I got to the place where it was being held-a bar called The Wooly, in the Woolworth Building on Barclay Street just off Broadway, with a door that is almost hidden--a little before 8, it was packed, and there was a young woman who was checking coats attempting to hang jackets on a rack high above me, and it was only after a bit of cajoling that she agreed to take my backpack."

    Don't you hate it when they refuse to take your backpack?

    3. Locanda Verde Is Hiring Bartenders [Craigslist via @NYNightlife]

    "Locanda Verde, Andrew Carmellini's casual Italian restaurant in The Greenwich Hotel, is now accepting resumes for full-time bartending positions.

    Candidates should possess:

    At least 3 to 5 years NYC bartending experience, preferably in high-volume restaurant bars.

    Will be comfortable with serving food as well as making classic and intricate house cocktails

    Working wine knowledge, preferably with a focus in Italian wines.

    Open availability is preferred."

    4. Kanye West Was Into Irina Shayk at W Downtown [NY Post]

    "Kanye West seemed enchanted by Russian model Irina Shayk, girlfriend of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, at the Nylon/Diesel party for 'Gossip Girl' actress Leighton Meester at W New York Downtown. After dinner with several other guests, the rapper and shapely Shayk chatted in a private corner booth until they were interrupted by female fans clamoring to take photos with West...a source said West 'watched Irina like a hawk.'"

    5. New York Public Library Set To Bring Parties Back [NY Post]

    "The restoration of the New York Public Library had been killing the party business at the Beaux-Arts building, sources told Page Six. Brides-to-be and movie location scouts have been turned off by the scaffolding enveloping the Midtown landmark for the past three years during its $50 million facelift. But now that the library is gleaming once more, the institution is hoping to bring back special events. Matt Damon will celebrate his new movie 'The Adjustment Bureau,' there in a few weeks."

    6. Party Crasher Busted [NY Post]

    "Party crasher Priyantha DeSilva might be the dumbest con man in the world. We told you last week that he'd been arrested and booked for buying a $1,500 Prada bag with a fake debit card last week. Turns out, he's still in jail for a slew of other charges. According to police sources, DeSilva on Jan. 6 tried to open a bank account at Citibank at 734 Third Ave with false information."

    And we thought he was a little odd the last time we caught him out in November at Jets Tear Up The Pierre.

    7. More Hints Of The Bowery's Rise [Bowery Boogie]

    The Salon 94 outpost at 243 Bowery is under construction and will relaunch February 15 with "Love Doll" featuring artist Laurie Simmons.

    "Buried in the guts of the interview is perhaps the most alarming tidbit. It appears the gallery mini-empire will have the first jimbotron on the Bowery, one-upping the new Salvation Army boutique hotel development just north of Houston. Designed by Rafael Vinoly, this third Salon 94 exhibition space will reportedly boast an enormous ten-foot video wall. When asked if the Times Square-esque billboard would result in rubbernecking, Rohatyn replied."

    8. And speaking of the new hotel to replace the Salvation Army, EV Grieve has visions of terror.

    [Images via Observer, NYDailyNews, Football Fancast]

    And now, for some housekeeping. A commenter for Juliet speaks out on our post from Monday:

    Hi Guest of a Guest: Just want to set the record straight as we at Juliet consider Guest of a Guest to be one of the only legit nightlife blogs out there.... THIS IS THE DEAL: Jon B. recently inked a deal to sell his shares of Juliet to existing partners so that he can free up time to persue new and exciting ventures, His departure from Juliet is amicable and as we speak he is having dinner with friends here. Artan Gjoni has opened "The Albert Hall" on 9th Avenue and Mark Baker is still the soul of nightlife at Juliet. It is all one big happy family and sorry if there is no drama here. It is actually ALL GOOD. Love you bitches xoxoxoxoxoxo THE JULIET FAMILY