Trousdale Puts Indefinite Moratorium On Fog Cannons And House Music

by Emily Green · February 2, 2011

    This is tough news to break and we struggled with how to tell you guys. Trousdale has officially banned two of its most sacred Saturday night attractions. Just when the masses really start to embrace this brilliant dubstep nonsense, no longer will fog cannons blast unsuspecting patrons on the dance floor into oblivion to the heavy thumping beat of house music. I don't know how I'll go on. And what's Larry King supposed to do??

    How long the fog-house moratorium will be in effect remains to be seen. The truth is we can get house music at any number of places just minutes east of Trousdale, but we're most upset about the indefinite retirement of the fog cannons. It's hard to describe in words how watching girls dancing with their sexy face suddenly erupt into shrieks as they are propelled to the other side of the dance floor when the fog blast strikes made us feel. Few things bring that kind of satisfaction. And the thrill of it all. Now they're gone, possibly forever, and Larry King is heartbroken.

    Trousdale Saturdays will now be hosted by Brett Gursky, Alex Quinn and Al Santos feature a lineup top local DJs with Devin Lucien set for this week.

    These would have been some prime blast targets...