NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Wednesday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 2, 2011

    Documenting your crazy sex life, the Natural History Museum's hottest party, and accusations of a racist door policy in the East Village: it's all here in Wednesday's night life round-up. Let's kick it!

    1. Your crazy sex life [Thought Catalog]

    "I can't make out if this is some sort of weird ploy to sell users' personal information or a well-meaning social service thing. I have a feeling it's the former. "nOOkist," a site with over 20,000 members, gives you 'the ability to quickly glance at your sexual history...provid[ing] as much information as possible to that you can make an accurate and sound judgement pertaining to your sex life. All of the statistics are in real-time, and represent your sexual activity."

    Thought Catalog points out the lack of grammatical soundness in that copy, but whatevs. Beware the more menacing privacy policy:

    "By posting content to any public area of nOOkist, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to nOOkist, its affiliates, licensees and successors, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute such information and content and to prepare derivative works from, distribute, perform, transmit and display such Content."

    2.The Hottest Party At the American Museum of Natural History [Standard Culture]

    [Jake Shears and  and Ana Matronic of The Scissor Sisters]

    Stan D'Arde reports that at the monthly party One Step Beyond, The Scissor Sisters will play.

    "You heard me right," he says. "If anyone was going to force me to brave the journey north, it's going going to be Jake and Ana. This week, the crazy duo make their very first hometown DJ appearance at the museum with returning DJ guests Lauren Flax and Activaire. The only thing to do now is buy my tickets and dig through my archives for that vintage Rei Kawakubo look so that the hipster kids don't mistake me for their pharmacist. See you on the Stan D'ancefloor."

    3.Best Coast + Wavves at Webster Hall [Paper Mag]

    "It's slippery, slushy and downright depressing outside. So head to Webster Hall for a little Vitamin D courtesy of California bands Wavves and Best Coast, two younh, buzzy bands led by Nathan Williams and Bethany Cosentino, respectively, who sing fuzzy-noisy pop-songs about malaise, boredom and awkward romance. They happen to be real-life boyfriend-girlfriend--so let's put down our detached cynicism shield for a second, and all together now say, "Awww."

    4. Corkscrew Castration Culprit Catches A Break [NY Post]

    [Renato Seabra]

    "Strangulation bludgeoning, face-stomping, castration with a corkscrew--put them all together and you still get second-degree murder. Boyish Portuguese underwear model Renato Seabra pleaded "Nao culpado"--not guilty--yesterday to the horrific Times Square hotel slaughter of his lover, a fashion-journalist sugar daddy three times his age."

    Oh, my.

    5. Magician David Blaine A Plow For His Pregnant Fiancee [NY Post]

    [David Blaine and Alizee Guinochet]

    "Magician David Blaine and his pregnant fiancee, Alizee Guinochet, had to hitch a ride to the hospital on a snow plow after she went into labor and Blaine couldn't make a cab appear during the blizzard.

    Guinochet, a 24-year-old French model, went into labor last Wednesday night, just as another heavy storm crippled the city with 19 inches of snow."

    For a guy who is so daring with ice and cold, this is, er,  child's play.

    6. Does An East Village Bar Have A Racist Door Policy? [WNYC]

    [The Continental in the East Village]

    "New York nighclub dress codes that may disguise racial discrimination are under scrutiny. The New York City Commission on Human Rights is investigating an allegedly racist door policy at The Continental, an East Village bar popular with college students for its cheap drink specials. This past weekend, an anti-discrimination group picketed outside the bar in solidarity with an African-American woman named Thelecia Covington, who filed a complain in December claiming that she was turned away from the bar because of her race."

    The bar's owner attributes his policy to a style code.

    "The bar's owner, Trigger Smith, says he turns away over 200 people a night, and that a dress code is necessary for survival in the nightclub business. He claims that it's about a certain style and subculture--not race."

    He goes bold on his nuanced explanation.

    "'We turn away people in baggy jeans and saggy jeans and gangster clothes,' says Smith. 'I've turned away people of all colors, and there are people of all colors inside my bar. We turn away white trash, we turn away the 'Jersey Shore' types. I have a blanket rule about that,. I'm not judging anybody. I'm just running a business here.'"

    7. The Original Neighborhood Blogger [EV Grieve]

    "Long before Twitter, Facebook, cell phones and cell phone camera--in 1980s New York--there was Nelson Sullivan. He pointed a bulky 8mm video camera with a wide fisheye lens at himself and filmed everything. As the first video 'lifecaster' he was years head of his time. Not a narcissist by my definition, but someone who wanted to document the culture that he clearly realized was something special."