Spearmint Rhino's Non-Strip Club Smells Like... Strippers

by Emily Green · October 28, 2010

    Strip club empire Spearmint Rhino has just established their first legitimate--as in not strip--club with 1616 in Downtown L.A. It's sweet that they thought they could go mainstream, non-nudy nightlife. But but just like a stripper who put on a sensible sweater and pencil skirt for church and thought she was passing, the place still reeks of chicken wings and boobie tassels.

    All that's really missing is an elevated platform for the dancers. Everything else, including a stripper pole at the center of the room, menu items like rib-eye, private rooms in back, and that tacky purple glow lighting are all accounted for. So you do the math. I mean, who orders a steak a nightclub? Wait, no, what nightclub even serves steak?

    With such success in the gentlemen's club world, we're not sure why Spearmint Rhino's made this foray into the famously fickle world of mainstream L.A. nightlife and we're interested to see the clientele it attracts... 1616 opens to the public on Halloween, so smear on your best body glitter, strap on some lucite platform stilettos and change your $20 bills for singles, 'cause you're probably gonna need 'em!

    [Photos via urbandaddy]