Supperclub: The REAL Place To Find True Love In L.A.

by Emily Green · April 11, 2011

    You want to know what happens at Supperclub? Besides the kind of behavior that should make you want to weep for humanity but doesn't actually because you're too busy taking pictures with your camera phone and laughing at it, I mean. (Secret confession: it's been 5 days and I am STILL laughing. Can't even look at it without needing a moment to collect myself). Love happens at Supperclub. Between the mystique of the fog machines, thumping of house music and potent aroma of Acqua Di Gio filling the air, it is full-blown mating time at the zoo in Spring.

    I'm tired of hearing how hard it is to meet people in L.A. It's not, and we have proof. These two couples knew each other no more than 15—no, let's make that 10—minutes prior to their amorous embraces. eHarmony is a total waste of time in your quest for romance when you can just hit this Hollywood oasis of animal passion on a Wednesday night. No wait for the weekend and you don't even need a monthly subscription, just enough cash for a cocktail or four and, if you're looking to turn chances into a guarantee, a collared Abercrombie shirt for good measure. See you Wednesday. RAWRRRR!