The Cobra Snake Snaps H.Wood On A Solid Night

by Emily Green · April 8, 2010

    The Cobra Snake recently hit up Hollywood nighttime destination H.Wood, which is one of those hit or miss places. A lot of people gripe about H.Wood when in truth, they've probably had a couple of good nights there.  The reality is H.Wood can be fun, provided that it has the right crowd. And by this, I mean it's not largely comprised of L.A.'s version of B & T (guys we really need to come up with our own cute name for this element because "bridge and tunnel" doesn't make sense here; freeway overpasses don't count as bridges) and Hollywood skeaze, which is generally the case with most L.A. night spots.  But, yes, H.Wood can, on occasion, be enjoyable.

    Tea Room, the smaller club on the ground floor within the H.Wood complex, has many of the qualities that make a great club/lounge/hotspot but isn't, and this is at least partly due to its elongated layout.  There's no way to really do laps or circulate the space so people pretty much stay put in an area which gets old fast and isn't conducive to mingling.  Even though the room is rather small, because of the structure, you and someone you know could both be there at the same time and never cross paths because you were both posted up at your respective base camps. Movement and an easy flow of traffic is key to a good night spot (i.e. Teddy's).

    From the photos it looks as though this was one of the better nights at H.Wood, despite the Lindsay Lohan presence, which unfortunately robs the night of its dignity.  Oh, well. That's just an unspoken disclaimer for both clubs and club goers in L.A. If there's alcohol, a DJ, and a generous sprinkling of hipster somewhere, she's going to be there and there's nothing you can do about it.  Even face plants on her way in are no deterrent.

    [All images via The Cobra Snake]