"The Rain Brings Out The Freaks!"

by Emily Green · December 24, 2010

    Go HERE for more photos from Hemingway's last night and tag yourself and your friends!

    It's true. Sometimes we seem dead inside, but an observation of the week proves otherwise. Night after night, our little rainstorm triggered something deep within the hearts of Angelenos that made us want to hit the town with a vengeance, and last night we came out in droves. Apparently they were giving away iPads or some of the Pitt-Jolie babies or something at Las Palmas because we haven't seen that caliber of mob scene to get in since it opened. A scan of the crowd and you recognized most of the people, but from where? Whole Foods? Pilates? Whatever, all that matters is everyone and their mother was all hot and bothered to get their groove on because "the rain brings out the freaks!"

    A lawless crowd like that trying to get into the club should be a red flag because you know it's exactly the same thing inside, except people have alcohol in their systems which is a recipe for a bad night 95% of the time.  So what do you do when you know the night is on its way to being a giant regret and waste of eyeliner if it continues on its current path? You split and go to Hemingway's where they have fancy drinks and good music for you to have your own dance party. Duh.