Tuesday Night Animal Instincts

by Morgan Stewart · March 24, 2011

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    Animal is quickly becoming the new preferred Tuesday night hipster joint. Resident DJ Chris Masterson says,

    “Animal Night at SHG’s MyStudio is a solution to all of the cheesy bottle nights that migrated from Vegas to LA and are now the norm on the LA nightlife landscape. It's the anti-sparkler party. We play the music you used to hear at your favorite house parties in a douche free, club environment. It's my favorite party in LA.”

    We're kind of in love with this quote! Mainly for the fact that is the unfortunate reality of what has become of the Los Angeles nightlife scene. Animal Tuesday's (at MyStudio, but shh) is where these anti-sparkler club kids meet up to get their party on. On Tuesday, the ones and twos were manned by none other than Black Eyed Peas' Apl.de.ap which had everybody on their feet. We're thrilled we can say we thoroughly enjoy a new Tuesday night spot sans the tacky bottle service crowd.