Exploring places beyond one's designated comfort zone can be particularly daunting for Angelenos. For some people, it's a chronic case of AWOL (Always West of Lincoln); for others, leaving and entering the valley presents an emotional challenge. These self-imposed geographical limitations preventing us from cruising yonder aren't just based on the distance—they're because we wouldn't know where to go and which places we belonged at even once we got there.

So, for that breed of Angeleno who lives each day avoiding going west of the 405 and may have forgotten what the ocean looks like, we've put together this handy guide to help lower the learning curve and lessen the trial and error on cool places to visit in that wacky place where dispensaries outnumber dance clubs: Venice (and Venice-adjacent). So take a deep breath, drop your mustachioed eastside pretense and come with us as we head towards the Pacific for some lessons in barhopping.