What's Wrong With This Picture?

by Emily Green · October 15, 2010

    Something's up in this picture from the club. Something's... off. It's glaring right at us. Don't you see it?!

    We're not talking about the joint-rolling procedure on a sticky table where something as simple as an errant fist pump could knock into a drink and ruin that heart-shaped pile of weed she's arranged. And it's not the red Cole Haan driving shoe either. The guy wearing them is French so it's okay.

    What's got our panties in a twist are those KHAKI CARGO SHORTS. Who let our friend out of the house in those, and to the club no less? When they left the GAP store he bought them from back in 1998, they should have come with a disclaimer. He might as well be wearing a big red "N" across his chest, as in Not Getting Any Tonight.

    [Photo by Steven Meiers]