"I was inspired [to write] this book because there are so many fake books out there about my life, and there are so many other people who are writing about my life, and a lot of it is not true... So, I wanted to, you know, give them my perspective of my life..."

by Emily Green · November 3, 2010

    Justin Bieber is the person who uttered these words. He's 16! Reading this tidbit is a total cringe-fest and actually makes me feel bad for him. 16-year-olds are inherently idiotic, so of course he thinks he has lot to offer in the way of perspectives on life and an autobiography is appropriate. But what about his adult handlers...?  If he's ever able to get a handle on some level of reality at some point, you know it's going to be so embarrassing for him at 24 that he actually wrote a book about his life at 16. But it's okay Justin, we blame your team's bad judgment.

    An actual page from Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever [via]