"Entourage" Featured Locations: Our UPDATED Season 8 Predictions, Pt. 2

by Emily Green · July 8, 2011

    Crazy things are happening in the world. Justin Timberlake is trying to make MySpace cool again. News of the World is finished. Casey Anthony is straight waltzing out of jail next week. And today I woke and Los Angeles decided it would be cool to adopt the climate of Boca Raton. Not cute. It's enough to make us all nuts, but hopefully you guys still managed to get some sleep last night despite all of this and the overwhelming anticipation of the second half of my predictions on which L.A. spots will be featured in the upcoming season of "Entourage". So here's Part 2 of my updated version of the local restaurants, eateries and late-night haunts I expect to see in season 8. [Photo via]

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    Pressed Juicery

    Duh? Where else are the guys supposed to get really expensive fruit and vegetable juices and their Chlorophyll H2O? Drama swears by the drinks and doesn't even mind having to drive west of the 405 in the middle of the day to get them at the Brentwood Country Mart location. He likes to go there in a tank top and pretend like he's really into yoga as he scams on chicks shopping at Calypso. Turtle refuses to accompany him on these trips because it's too humiliating. [Photo via]




    For years, Dan Tana's has been a favorite of all the real life Ari Gold wannabes, and they now all eat at Craig's, the restaurant opened by Tana's former maitre d, who, for 20 years was part of the whole shamelessly self-important Industry scene happening there. I see a weighty dinner involving Ari of some sort taking place here, maybe with E and Scott Lavin. If there's a female at the table Craig Susser will call her "sweetie" or "darling" as he greets her.

    [Photo via]

    Spare Room

    Bowling, board games and Aidan Demarest's mixology all in the same room at the Roosevelt make this a special, and distinctly L.A. haunt that was pretty much made for an "Entourage" feature. The last time I was there, Samantha Ronson was covering the turntables as Zac Efron swaggered in with a posse of tryhards carrying skateboards while some other pretty celeb-ish types bowled in the background and unopened forsaken handles of vodka sat on tables up for grabs. Wow, putting that all down in writing makes me sounds like an a-hole but it's not my fault real life in L.A. is sometimes exactly the same as scenes from poorly-written, wildly popular cable shows about "Hollywood", is it?

    Beacher's Madhouse

    I thought L.A. had seen worst of the whole themed nightlife thing with Voyeur. Then we got Beacher's Madhouse which makes that pseudo-bondage nightmare look like CPK in the mall. Conveniently located just a short elevator ride away from Spare Room is this new really exclusive circus freak show where you'll get a generous dishing of doorman 'tude before you can take your buzz to the next level and get realllll weird about it with bottle service via flying oompa loompas. I have to believe Beacher's will find its way into an episode this season, and see it going down something like this: the door won't be an issue but conflict arises when Turtle and Vince, caught up in the moment with whatever bimbo groupies are mooching their table that night, try to strap E  into the midget harness and fly him across the room. They really took it too far this time and Eric has had it with their laughs at his expense but once again does nothing about it because he's a little bitch. Then, in an attempt to lift his spirits, maybe David Arquette offers him a Jell-O shot and a rail, you know? Something like that. [Photo via]


    I'm surprised the best little taco stand in Hollywood has never made it on the show and it definitely deserves an appearance before it's too late. Ari might take Vince here for a lunchtime pep-talk in an effort to get his head on straight and focus on his career. Choosing a grimy taco hut on Vine is a calculated decision to show Vince how real he is and that he doesn't need all the glitz and glam of the power lunch scene. He'll sit on the crusty benches on the sidewalk and eat with his hands in his Zegna suit doing his best to act cool even though he is far beyond his comfort zone and is paralyzed by extreme levels of awkward when he sees his gardener sitting at the next bench over.