As if the beautiful state of Florida didn't already have its hands full with Ron DeSantis and like, every member of the Trump family, a new contender has stepped up to stake his claim as the worst politician in town. 

Meet Fabián Basabe, current member of the Florida House of Representatives, former Manhattan socialite and reality star, perennial d-bag with a "bad boy" streak. He's married to a lingerie heiress and was once dubbed the "male Paris Hilton" due to his notorious nights on the town.

His latest headline-making exploit? Allegedly slapping one of his aides in a room full of people at a party for Governor DeSantis. But that's hardly the only transgression under his belt. 

Click through for a look back at the republican official's scandalous rap sheet - and trust us, it's a doozy.

[Photo via @fabianbasabe2]