10 Things We Learned From The Golden Globe Nominations

by BILLY GRAY · December 15, 2009

    Golden Globes nominations were announced this morning. The Globes, basically the poor man's Academy Awards, are routinely mocked by Hollywood while at the same time being taken deadly seriously as a box office booster and Oscar predictor. This year's nomination slate, though short on huge surprises,

    1) It's looking more and more likely that Avatar actually won't suck at all.

    2) The upcoming Sherlock Holmes is a straight-up comedy (unless it's a musical).Sandra Bullock

    3) Sandra Bullock baked brownies for 95 foreign tabloid journalists (the Globe's gatekeepers) this year. (We get The Blind Side. But The Proposal?)

    4) Apparently, there is an Emily Blunt movie called The Young Victoria opening this week.

    5) Danny DeVito, Green Man and hysterical comedies set in Philadelphia dive bars are all lost in translation.

    6) Jason Reitman could film a turd slowly circling his toilet and the critics would still genuflect before him.

    7) Mo'Nique's admirable attempts at derailing her own Oscar campaign are proving futile.

    8 ) The producers of Entourage have incriminating photos of every member of every awards-voting body in Southern California.Meryl Streep

    9) Meryl Streep would have to speak in tongues on Friday Night Lights for dim-witted nominating committees to notice the great drama.

    10) Jersey Shore clearly just missed the nomination deadline. Next year, Snooki.

    (Full list of nominations here)