Quentin Tarantino Fanboys Badmouth Kathryn Bigelow

by BILLY GRAY · March 8, 2010

    Moments after Kathryn Bigelow became the first female Best Director Oscar winner for The Hurt Locker,  goons celebrated the breakthrough and defaced the movie's Wikipedia page with petty, vile sexism.  Can we check the tape to see if Harvey Weinstein was tapping away on his iPhone as they announced the win?

    The Wiki addition, which was retracted within minutes (see screengrab below), had some charming things to say about the victorious Bigelow:

    "The Hurt Locker is a 2008 [Ed. Note: 2009, but who's counting?] American war thriller. It won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2010 who should have lost to Inglorious Basterds [sic] but didn't because the director sucked so much cock in the academy for a win."

    Movie geek message boards smelled a conspiracy! Was deposed King of the World and Bigelow's ex-husband James Cameron behind it? Or did Quentin Tarantino have his army of sycophantic video store clerks poised to attack? Most likely it was just some hateful wannabe surfing the internet from his parents' basement (where else would Brad Pitt be if he not at the Kodak Theater?), getting his virtual kicks any way he could.

    Crudeness aside, it was one of the only spontaneous moments (aside from Lady Kanye/Yenta Soy Bomb) to emerge from last night's ceremony.  The 82nd Annual Academy Awards were even more of an endurance test than usual. Between the too-safe, straight outta the Borsch Belt opening monologue (or dialogue), the absence of surprises in the major categories, the disjointed pacing (bringing the show's peculiar combination of feeling rushed and interminable to new heights) and the stiff-looking audience, this was an Oscars to forget.

    And thanks to Wiki's crack team of janitors, the Bigelow attack can join it on the cutting room floor.

    (Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images)