The Notebook

Even the most cynical modern day woman remembers exactly how she felt the moment she realized that Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun were the elderly couple in The Notebook (um, spoiler alert?). And, let's face it, we all cried and gasped and used way too many quotes from this film as our AIM away message when, 10 years ago today, Nicholas Sparks' saccharine story was immortalized on screen by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Besides ruining movie date nights for all men forever, all that drama, heartache, and kissing in the rain also kind of ruined our lives entirely. But unrealistic expectations or not, Allie and Noah's iconic romance on screen (and off-screen) has gone down in the pop culture history books, and a decade later, it's still our go-to "bowl of ice cream and box of tissues" flick for whenever we need a good cry.