Real Housewife Sonja Morgan Goes Bankrupt, We Revisit Our Video Interview With Her

by Ross Kenneth Urken · November 19, 2010

    F. Scott Fitzgerald, ever axiomatic, said, 'Show me a hero, and I'll write you a tragedy." In preponderance of Sonja Morgan's recent financial troubles, we decided to reexamine the interview with the so-called cougar.

    In the video shot by Eli Obus, Morgan discussed the complexity of the feline predatory association with her character.

    But when we asked her how hard it is to be a Real Houswife, she responded, ""Well, in real, I do it with beauty, and ease, and grace..."

    We take it that life (alas, reality) just got a whole lot harder for her. That alleged ease she claimed to have belies her deeper bankruptcy fiasco. Check out the video tape, folks. Juxtaposed with the recent news, her comments take on an added weightiness.