No spot encapsulates those long and lazy warm weather brunches quite like Sunday in Brooklyn. We mean, the name itself says it all. The Williamsburg eatery with a rustic touch serves up fresh and seasonal fare at all hours, but we love it for an early afternoon catch-up with the crew. And while you've probably seen their too-fluffy-to-be-real pancakes on Insta feeds across the board, the three-story hot spot is also ideal for that other main component of the perfect brunch: cocktails!

Recently appointed head bartender Brian Evans (who is as masterful as he is fun to watch), invited us to try some of his new concoctions on the boozy menu - and let's just say they aren't your typical Hair of the Dog sips.

Focusing on flavorful, low-ABV (alcohol by volume) recipes, his innovative creations are light, sweet, and won't have you stumbling out into the harsh light of day after you've drank a couple (thank god, because you'll want seconds). Plus, they're almost too pretty to dive into - almost.

The Havana Honey Bear is certainly a crowd-pleaser, made with Amaro Montenegro, Amontillado Sherry, pineapple, lime, and cumin honey, all poured into an adorable bear-shaped honey bottle. We also loved the two-step Tokyo Bodega, and literally clapped when Brian was done presenting it. It's an upscale-ish riff on a bulldog (you know, pour the beer bottle upside down at the end), consisting of Junmai Ginjo Sake, elderflower, vanilla bean, and finished off with a Miller Hi-Life. Phew!

But if you come to pair anything with your pancakes, make it the fruity but not overly sweet Care Bear Stare, a mix of Aperol, cream sherry, cinnamon, and a redeemed fruit cordial, made from excess fruit in the kitchen and fermented to perfection. Topped with grapefruit, orange, and lime slices and garnished with a fresh sprig of mint. It. Is. Addicting. It's also not so hard to DIY (as long as you get the cordial part right). So when you're not saying hi to Brian at the bar, click through to make it at home this spring and summer! But trust us, this spot is worth a weekend visit.

[Photo by Eric Medsker courtesy Sunday in Brooklyn]