Carrot Lattes: Cool Or Cringeworthy?

by Millie Moore · June 7, 2017

    "You know what would make my meal more Instagrammable and delicious? If we added carrots!" said absolutely no one. Ever. Except for the bunny you secretly kept with your roomies in your suite junior year of college. So why oh why is Aussie café Local's Corner making a carrot latte?

    A carrot latte? We know what you're thinking: "Could a latte made with carrots be as bad as it sounds?" No, because it's worse than it sounds. Because it's a latte literally served inside of a carrot. Ew!

    We've heard of worlds colliding at eateries over the years, from pineapple on pizza to viagra gelato. It's fun! It's daring! It makes us feel like we've expanded our palette and feel all the more worldly after taking the plunge! Not to mention, we love it when food is contained by even more food, like when they serve piña coladas in coconuts or pineapples, or when they serve anything in a bread bowl. (Sidenote: restaurants should consider serving bread bowls filled with even more bread!) We've totally embraced the avocado latte, but Local's Corner is taking it way too far. The creaminess of a latte cannot possibly be complemented by the earthiness of a carrot. We're just not buying it. Whether it's pizza or chocolate, avocados can pull anything off, they're literally the Rihanna of fruits. They are the only food that have this sort of power. Also Nutella. And bacon. Oh, and marijuana (but for different reasons). Carrots just do not have that kind of clout, no matter how good they are for you. 

    Cafés and restaurants alike maybe need to take a step back and wonder if they're doing their job by creating good food, or if they're just trying to make headlines while making not-so-edible arrangements. Locals Corner lost us at combining rabbit food and our go-to morning refreshment. This is NOT what Hannah Montana meant when she sang about having the best of both worlds!

    [Photo via @locals_corner]