Victoria's Secret models take their workouts seriously. And they definitely don't slow things down when the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show comes around.

Because the models continuously workout, their trainer Stephen Pasterino knows that they don't need to do any quick-fixes before the big show.

"If you can create a sustainable long-term program, which the girls I've been working out have been [following], and you establish a very healthy diet very early on, you can get your body to look amazing without doing anything crazy," Pasterino, owner of P.volve fitness, told us.

Pasterino trains models Blanca Padilla and Nadine Leopold, and traveled to China to fine-tune their bodies before the show.

"These girls are all already in exceptional shape, so basically it's reinforcing that strength but also fine-tuning the parts of their body that are going to be showing [...] on the runway," he said. "The biggest focus is going to be on their butt and their thighs, that's what's showing and it's the most difficult part of the body to really define and tone."

Luckily for the models, the workouts they do days before the show aren't too different from what they do regularly. Pasterino said the girls also eat the same way they always do, and have no need to manipulate their water or cut out all carbs. This idea of balance points back to Pasterino's idea that the body is a pendulum.

"When you do something like water manipulation you're throwing that pendulum all the way over here, depleting yourself, and then it just comes swinging the other way," he said. "I use that example to explain to people why extremes send you all out of whack; you really lose that long-term goal when you are swinging back and forth."

Instead of all that swinging, Pasterino advocates for a well-balanced exercise and diet routine. Here's the workout he did with Padilla and Leopold before the show, with moves you can incorporate into your own workout.

Words by Emily DiNuzzo at Insider

[Photos by Josh Wong Photography]