You may have heard of IMD Beauty Spa. Actually, you may have seen this spa’s infrared sauna or magnesium wraps across your favorite influencers' Instagram stories. And while this is the spot that seemingly every lingerie or swimwear model frequents, in reality the majority of the clients are not prepping for the Victoria's Secret fashion show. They're just wellness-minded people interested in detoxifying and sculpting their body, and improving their health, through lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatments, infrared saunas, and body scrubs. You certainly look good after a treatment, but the most important part is feeling good.

Irani Makimoto-Domino founded IMD, and it is run mostly by women (plus her two sons). She's spent over 35 years studying the lymphatic system, which, if you are like my pre-IMD self and don't know, is your body's natural way of disposing of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Also, if you are like my pre-IMD self, your lymphatic system might be clogged, which can cause uncomfortable fluid retention and an overall feeling of "blah."

So let me tell you about how I became unclogged. The IMD experience (or at least my IMD experience) can be broken down into three parts. Click through for the scoop!

IMD Beauty Spa, 224 6th Ave. 5th Floor. 

[Photos via @imdbeautyspa]