Perfect Posture: 7 Stretches To Correct "Computer Neck"

Whether or not you care to admit it, you've got a big head! It's time you give your neck a break... wait, no. The exact opposite. The slightly hunched position we tend to fall into while spending extended periods of time at our computer and looking down at our Instagram feed puts some serious strain on our neck and causes severe postural problems over time - even headaches!

The series of strains creates so called 'computer neck' and can affect the muscles at the nape of your neck, through your shoulders and chest, down your spine and throughout your back. The strain can even reach to your hips, knees, and ankles. Telling you to log out of your de(vice)s would be an asinine suggestion, but spare yourself a trip to the Chiro! Find yourself some floor space and try out these stretches on your lunch break or in the morning to mentally and physically prepare yourself to take on the work week in perfect posture.

[Photo via @sports_philosophy]