Yes, we said Zumba, but put your dancing shoes away. Since treadmills are so last decade, STRONG by Zumba is the revolutionary new workout that combines body weight, cardio, muscle conditioning, and plyometric training to tone muscles and burn calories, all while you stay motivated by the beat. Unlike typical HIIT or bootcamp classes, STRONG by Zumba skips the reps while you sweat, and uses music to guide you through. Because let's be honest, who wants to hear how many more burpees they have left to do?

We caught up with master trainer Ai Lee Syarief (in town from her native Switzerland), a fierce fitness force who helped develop the innovative routine, to talk the evolution of Zumba, the importance of empowering moves, and of course, why music is the best motivator.

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[Photos by Natalie Siebers]