Sweatshirts, bike shorts, and all things stretchy have become #OOTD staples since the #OOTD-posting Instagram set suddenly had nowhere to go but their living rooms, so it's no surprise that our feeds have become increasingly saturated with the minimalist, faux-retro athleisure designs of Sporty & Rich, an aspirational (as if you couldn't tell by its name) amalgamation of lifestyle brand, wellness blog, and ready-to-wear clothing line. It seems practically made for influencers of a certain aesthetic - all white sheets, gold necklaces, and headless selfies - which they share with the label's founder, Emily Oberg. 

The 26-year-old art director and social media star has been a staple on the streetwear fashion scene for years thanks to former roles at Complex and Kith, as well as her own "hypebae" style and impressive sneaker collection. Her label too has garnered positive attention; the very "Princess Diana going to the gym" vibes have sparked a resurgence of '90s-style sportswear while its less-waste drop model, which has customers pre-order collections, has been hailed as sustainable

But the social media circles that have #moodboarded Sporty & Rich to its success (such as Gen-Z led "hf twitter" - hf stands for "high fashion") have, in recent days, started to turn against their aesthetic idol. From accusations of design plagiarism and problematic statements to the tone-deaf Instagram post that sparked this recent controversy, click through for everything you need to know about Oberg's pending "cancellation."

[Photo via @emilyoberg]