Now that election season is thankfully behind us, "I Voted" stickers have been replaced by Band-Aids on bare shoulders; ballot envelopes with record cards. Welcome to the age of the #VaccineSelfie or "Vaxxie," as it's been cutely dubbed.

As the threshold for eligibility widens across the country (New York today announced that adults 30 and over will have access this week), we can expect an even greater influx of this modern, albeit slightly dystopian, social media trend taking over our feeds. 

Of course, criticism and call-outs of those using their "privilege" to skip the line during the imperfect rollout process, similar to what we've seen back when COVID tests were scarce and precious, abounds. And though that should serve as more of an indictment of the American healthcare system than of the individuals seemingly "gaming" it, posting a vaccine selfie if you're not a 70-year-old grandma does leave you open to judgment.

So, the question remains: to post or not to post? Here's what we've gathered about proper vaccine selfie etiquette.