For those who could never bring themselves to care for the latest influencer drama, there is an alternative: the #finfluencer (i.e. fake influencer). We sat down with the most notable of these Instagram #finfluencers, Jenya Kenner, a self-described “famous person” and #waterambassador who has amassed over 11k followers on Instagram through posts that have promoted #bathleisure, the revival of legwarmers, and the distress that comes with owning multiple Chanel bags without owning the means of production.

There's no denying that Jenya's outfits are chic, and her photo quality on-par, but her deadpan satire flips the idea of an "influencer" totally on its head. She's influencing the way we think about influencing, and we guess that really does make her an influencer.

[Photos via @jenyakenner]