Julia Allison's Front Row Fashion Show Twitteria

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 14, 2009

    Julia Allison , fameball micro-celebrity and founder of Non-Society, really, really wants you to know when she gets to sit in the front row. How badly you ask? Badly enough to specify it on her twitter. Not only that she's sitting front row at Fashion Week, but who specifically she's sitting next to. Next to, across from, and near. Occasionally what her seating companions are also wearing, what they're doing, and who they're talking to. You know, just in case you doubt THAT SHE'S IN THE FRONT ROW OF THE FASHION SHOW THAT SHE'S TWEETING ABOUT.

    And then just in case you still have doubts, she'll also make sure to tweet about the clothes and models during the show, since apparently she's now a fashion expert (we missed the memo on this one). So in case you were planning on turning to Derek Blasberg's tweets (@dizzyblazeberg) for updates on the Spring 2010 collections, or Greg Littley (@LittleyLittley) to read about what the celebrities are wearing this week at the shows, just don't. Looks like Julia Allison has it covered. Oh, yeah. And she's sitting front row. Don't forget!

    @juliaallison Front row at Jill Stuart in between Fern Mallis & Peaches Geldof. Also here: Rachel Bilson, Nikki Hilton & about 500 Real Housewives. #NYFW about 3 hours ago

    @juliaallison Front row at Carolina, across from Garydon Carter and Anna Wintour, looking particularly glittery this morning. #NYFW about 6 hours ago

    @juliaallison Sitting front row at DVF next to Robert Verdi ... Who's drinking Blueprint Cleanse!! about 24 hours ago

    @juliaalison Front row at Derek Lam across from an emaciated Rachel Zoe, who, despite being one of the thinnest humans I've ever seen, is quite sweet. 11:27 AM Sep 13th

    @juliaallison Front row at Lela Rose - just spoke to Barbara Bush (the younger) ... Can't wait for the flirty, feminine confections! #NYFW 10:32 AM Sep 13th

    @juliaallison Front row at Christian Siriano's show, across the runway from the livestreaming @MaryRambin ... Forecast? Fierce 4:39 PM Sep 12th

    @juliaallison Front row at Monarchy next to Janice Dickinson. No shit. 3:44 PM Sep 11th

    If you're unfamiliar with her fame-whoring work, and are wondering who the bottled red-head chatting up her seatmates are in the front row of certain shows, now you know. Hope we helped you out! And enjoy the rest of your Fashion Week - sounds like JA is!