Mary Rambin's Replacement: Krystal Kahler?

by guestofaguest · April 3, 2009

    Guiding Light may have been canceled after approximately 100 years, but no worries, if you're craving some soap-opera drama you can always count on the girls over at NonSociety to dish it up for free...and you don't even have to skip work to catch the fun. Only weeks after the day the earth stood still (aka the departure of Mary Rambin), it looks like Julia "Big Tweets" Allison has already found her replacement. Krystal Kahler was Julia's first roommate in NYC (cute).  Word isn't out yet on whether or not she will be taking over the "Style Blogger" role at NonSociety, or if she will join the traveling circus at all, but we can't imagine her bosses over at Advent Capital Management would care right?  Afterall the markets suck and watching them will only make you blue in the face.If Krystal isn't an official member yet, she is at least playing the part of the newest "modern Sex and the City" member over in Denmark. The only advice we can offer to Krystal at this point is to get up to date on her knowledge of the great lakes. Check out some of their adventures below!

    Sirens ready to lure unsuspecting ship captains into the treacherous rocks

    OMG she has bigger tweets than me?!