Julia Allison Throws BFF Mary Rambin Under The Bus

by Stanely Stuyvesant · March 23, 2009

    Oh noes! The drama with the ladies of NonSociety becomes blatantly obvious today.  Namely by Julia Allison throwing her ex? business partner under the bus after their TMI Weekly video debuted with Mary Rambin showing off her lack of knowledge on the world Great Lakes (the region JA hails from of course!). "Don't ever diss a girl's hometown, you know?" Um, Jules, we've been in lake Erie and it's disgusting. Just saying...Read the full post by Julia below...

    "Check out the part where Mary doesn’t realize that Chicago is on Lake Michigan, and then asks, about the Great Lakes, “aren’t there like three of them you’re not allowed to go in because they’re polluted?”  Um.  No.  You can pretty much drink Lake Michigan.

    I’m only mentioning this because it’s not merely that she had never been to Chicago (despite my repeated invitations) but that she didn’t even want to talk about it as an amazing vacation destination in the U.S.  That pissed me off.  Don’t ever diss a girl’s hometown, you know?"

    [Rumor Mill: NonSociety]

    Team Allison or Team Rambin?  Let us know who you're rooting for.