Julia "Big Tweets" Allison Tweets Meghan Asha Back Into Her Fold...But What About Mary?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · March 10, 2009

    The rumormill in Twitterville has been churning as of late, with rumors of a departure.  Last night it appeared that Meghan Asha was going to jettison the nonsociety.com fameball yoke (for greener pastures?).  Alas, Julia "Big Tweets" Allison managed to dispel this by spelling Meghan's name right and divulging their joint travel plans to SXSW.

    But what about Mary?  There seems to be something about Mary...At least if you look at the gofg peanut gallery. Commenters are long on Asha and short on Rambin.  If you are selling "hand bag" Rambin short, you might be making a small fortune at the moment.  Let's examine the evidence:

    "Mary is the one leaving….thank god." [Comments]

    "Mary “handbag” Rambin is actually probably leaving."

    "A few weeks ago I saw JA and Mary getting into a fight at their oscar screening (where JA sat alone for about half of the day). She even started tweeting that she had free passes to the movies. She really didn’t have anyone to sit with for most of the day."