Spotted: Julia "Minnie Mouse" Allison Crashing Gawker Party

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 22, 2008

    Julia Allison

    Julia "Minnie Mouse" Allison couldn't have been having a better Friday afternoon.  Her eyebrows were perfectly plucked, her lips were wearing their favorite hot pink hue, and her hair for once fell exactly how she willed it to.  Even her headband was sending endorphins through her skull.  She whistled as her blue birds helped her get prepared for a very special party.  She glistened and gleamed her way around her princes....Lockhart, Leventhal, and Denton to name a few, and then was off before midnight so she could catch up on her beauty sleep.

    Alas, the fairy tale ends on Monday:

    Julia Allison

    moz-screenshotVia Gawker