The Super Wicked Awesome Bestest 12 Days Of Christmas, By Julia Baugher?

by Rachelle Hruska · December 4, 2008

    "STOP writing about Julia "Lip Dup" Allison! No one cares!" I'm sorry but I just can't stop.  I was prepared to take a day off from Allison wonderland until I saw this.  Can you honestly blame me?  NonSociety is launching their 12 Days of Christmas and I feel like a little school girl, giddy with excitement!  I suppose the appeal of dressing up in risque Santa outfits and Elve costumes is too much for Baugher to resist!

    "Over twelve (not necessarily concurrent, but definitely all before the 25th) days in the month of December I’ll be giving away special SUPER WICKED AWESOME BESTEST (TM) gifts to all ya’ll.

    Happy Holidays, bunnies."

    Super Wicked Awesome and BESTEST gifts!! Omfg I can't wait!!  Then I see the first one, this American Apparal body suit that I already 3 colors.  Doesn't everyone?

    Anyway Julia calls me her bunny, and for that I will be returning diligently to see the other 11 prizes, and even if Julia "Allison" Baugher actually celebrates Hannukah.