Tom Arnold, Getting Off Your Julia Allison Addiction Will Be Much Harder Than Drug Rehab

by Rachelle Hruska · October 10, 2008

    Julia Allison, Tom ArnoldActor TOM ARNOLD is completing a rigorous detox regime, after finding himself addicted to soda, cake and nicotine gum. This was the headline in Daily Star, but what they left out was that Tommy Boy suffers from one other addiction: The Julia Allison one.

    We"ve all been there buddy.  That bright hot pink screen, her bubbly demeanor, the anticipation of what bizarre thing will come up"s disgusting how addicted we get (not to mention this other habit of ours).  We understand that you didn"t even know she existed in the real world until meeting her at a Gawker party.  It"s okay.  Some days "we" even still think she"s a made up character, this after our editor had an actual photo shoot with her! Still, you know it"s a real problem when you start talking about it at parties.  So Tom, much like your diet coke addition, getting off your JA addiction will be harder than drug rehab. We wish you the best of luck!