Justin Ross Lee Hasn't Gotten Over The Thrill Of First Class Yet

by Chiara Atik · April 23, 2010

    Justin Ross Lee uploaded a picture on Facebook of himself "jew-jetting first class" to Spain. Idly, we clicked on it, where we discovered...JRL weirdly takes TONS and TONS of pictures of himself on planes. Hilariously, his outfit, expression, and supine position remain constant--only the flight attendants and other passengers looking quizzically in the background change.-

    I can't believe that he hasn't been banned from first class after surreptitiously taking pictures of seat companions Ashley Olsen and Brad Pitt, and then publishing them.

    He's basically breaking the unspoken cardinal of flying first class, which is to act completely indifferent to flying first class, despite the excitement you may feel inside.

    So! Don't excitedly ask the flight attendant, your seatmate, or a person from coach on their way back to the bathroom to take your picture! Don't creepily take pictures of the celebrity who is probably hating every minute of sitting next to you! Don't update your friends/followers about sitting in first class when you sit there EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU FLY!

    Because, dear, dear JRL, even if flying first class never gets old, looking at the weird pictures you post of yourself on facebook certainly does.