Attack Of The Nerds! The JFK Edition:

by Rachelle Hruska · March 13, 2009

    OMFG It's HERE! Like it's really here! "Is this actually happening?" "Omg I haven't slept yet tonight, do you think that's okay/cool/funny?" "Wait did you get on foursquare, how many badges do you have already?" "What are you WEARING to the TUMBLR party?" "Are you going to the Bacon-Flavored Benefit for the Children's Music Fund?" (Real event people), "I can taste the tacos now!"

    SXSW Insanity begins. Exhibit A: The nerds at left at JFK on their nerd boards, most likely having conversations about their very predicament with their friends sitting next to them via Twitter. Considering I missed the very same flight those nerds are probably waiting to board, I'm going to hold my tongue.  You, however, feel free to judge in our comment section.  [Photo via Blakeley] Photo of line below...

    I'll see you nerds tonight!

    Caroline McCarthy, Thank you for your [4 Guides To SXSW] I will print for the plane as my sole guide to the weekend!