The "Nerd Alert" Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · April 14, 2009

    [Job applicats at American Apparel, Flatiron. Photo by Getty]

    What was the Hipsters? Well one thing's for sure, they are dead, they never existed, and the idea of them has got a lot of people talking.“The fraud held that there are people called hipsters who follow a creed called hipsterism and exist in a realm called hipsterdom," he continued. "The truth is that there was no such culture worth speaking of, and the people called hipsters just happened to be young, and, more often than not, funny-looking.” Finally. Thank you. [Observer]

    Twitter can be surprisingly useful. Like at letting a pregnant wife know when her baby is kicking (because, you know, she can't feel it herself). [Times]

    Aston Kutcher is trying to beat CNN with Twitter followers. If he reaces 1 million followers, he will ding dong ditch Ted Turner's house in Atlanta while he's filming there. Then they will both go and have a face-off on Leno. [@aplusk]

    Is your MySpace bloated? Today, MySpace is quietly testing the "Lite" feature in the US, explaining that the product is geard towards members who don't have access to broadband.  Makes since that these people would have MySpace accounts after all. [Tech Crunch]

    Watch as Twitter founders, Biz Stone and Ev Williams explain their revenue philosophy. [Silicon Alley Insider]

    SendOnCue allows you write emails and schedule to send them at whatever time your recipient is most likely to read them. [SendOnCue]

    The Culture Monster will have everyone misty at Coachella.  Title "Elastic Plastic Sponge" the design will be 250 feet long and made entirely of plastic tubing. [LA Times]

    Finally, Lindsay Lohan opened an eHarmony account today. [FunnyorDie]