The Nerd Alert! Report....

by Rachelle Hruska · March 6, 2009

    [Photo via Randomnightout]

    The nerds are out and about in FULL on geek mode today, and...prepare yourself, this first item is a real doozy...

    The Pre-Dodgeball Farewell T-shirt Distribution Party. (Photo above) That's right, the nerdiest of the nerds all met up at a mainstay of theirs, Tom and Jerry's, to hand out the t shirts they will be donning at tonight's farewell party for Dodgeball. This is pretty much the best thing I've seen happen at a bar in the East Village. Ever. If you're confused, read THIS. I'm so jeal right now.

    The BlackBerry Storm is a POS, and, because we haven't heard enough about just how bad it sucks from our sucker friends that scooped it up first (read: Wei), now we have the politicians in Washington complaining about it's inadequacies enough that the White House Administrative office is setting up a workshop for those in need of help with their Storms! [Politico]

    FourSquare. Shhhh! It's almost ready to launch.  However, if you're really inside the inner nerd circles, you are already secretly using it's "Secret Secret test mode" anyway.

    Do you need an open wireless connection NOW and stuck in a random location where buttheadwireless doesn't seem like the best option?  PC World makes it easy to browse for an open connection by a specific address or access point. Thanks CLC! [PC WORLD]

    I'm nerdy, but not as nerdy as you!  Send me stuff that I should actually be covering in the nerd report to, because it's hard keeping up with you people!