The "Nerd Alert" Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · May 6, 2009

    The Kindle DX launched today, and it was all the nerds could talk about.  Read your papers on it! Get your PDF files for easier transporting! Throw out all your magazine subscriptions! Save some trees! (For only $489) Everyone live tweeted it's arrival of course. You know the drill....[Gizmodo Live]

    Want to see how Gawker gets ad clients? They make videos like this one to show potential clients. [Silicon Alley Insider]

    WeedMaps, one of the most useful sites on the least for pot heads, is being bought by a prominent VC.  So who wants to buy the "Yelp for cannabis club" you ask?  Which VC is a big pothead?- or rather, which venture capitalist ISN't a closet pothead. [Valleywag]

    The Softest laptop in the world. [Gizmodo]

    David Karp is not gay okay? Because hanging out with 6 platonic female friends screams Heterosexual male. [David's Log]