We all know the drill— whether you’re living at the NYU dorms or commuting from Greenwich, it’s the summer before your Junior or Senior year and you’re interning in the city. And by the time you finally manage to make it to your first Summer Friday, you are ready to get out and explore the scene.

You know every fellow summer intern is hitting up B Bar or Phebe’s, and by Saturday probably making their way to Le Bain or LPR. But you don’t really want to spend another weekend around more UMich or Tufts undergrads. I mean at that point you are basically just at another frat party, except you might arrive in a yellow taxi instead of an Uber and leave tipsy off vodka sodas instead of Natty Light.

So where do you go? Click through if you don’t want to feel like you’re five seconds away from watching another keg stand, but wouldn't mind meeting some Goldman guys.