10 Proven Ways To Get Into EVERY "It" Nightclub In NYC

The pre-game was on point. You're dressed to the tens. All of your tightest friends are by your side, the Uber arrived in two minutes, and a general feeling of boldness has infected the whole group: this is going to be a great night! All confidence melts, however, when you reach the club's door. Why are there three bouncers? Why are none of them Fritz, who you've spent ages trying to befriend in order to make this one night a success? Why is the person in charge of the guest list a hipster/alien/Miley Cyrus-dressed woman tonight?! In the moment, there's not much you can do other than take the plunge, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. To minimize the risk of not getting in, you need to devise a proper game plan ahead of time. Let GofG advise you with some insider-only, practical tips on what to do if you're tired of the promoter game and aren't the owner's godchild.

[Cover photo via Gilded Lily]