A Mansion To Play In

by guestofaguest · January 14, 2008

    miami mansion

    New York is funny. The home of many of the world's most fierce and viable. It is, however, not perfect. New York does lack in some things. Cowboys for instance. You won't find a real cowboy wandering around Mercer Street in his Wrangler's any time soon. Also, there's the fact that we have no mansions here. That is about to change. Mark Baker has decided to grace our fair city with the New York version of his infamous Miami nightclub, Mansion. Will the new venture prove successful? Will he be able to transplant Mansion into New York? He will have to come up with something trés chic as we are known to be picky people here. We may accept faulty bathrooms and cheap wooden floors in Miami for a weekend, but even covering your walls with gold can't guarantee your success in Gotham City (cough cough 1Oak).

    Mr. Baker has more than his share of work cut out for him. And we haven't even started on his location choice. Crobar. He picked up Crobar. It's actually not earth shattering news. Not sure why we thought that this Mansion would be any different than it's template. Mansion being, THE Crobar of Miami of course. But god, it's fun to dance in sometimes isn't it? Mark, please, please....give us something to get excited over. Give us a big mansion to play in with checkered tile floors and velvet seats. So far, your plan to clad the wait staff in Andrew Buckler designed French Maid uniforms is working for us.