The Coup de Grâce for Tenjune

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 14, 2008


    [Inside Tenjune]

    Its hard staying on top in the nightlife industry with new players constantly sprouting up. In the last few months alone we've seen the launch of kiss and fly, Touch, and 1oak. Eugene Remm's hotspot Tenjune has been a revolving door for A-listers for the past year, however, it looks like their run is coming to an end. Its deathblow may have occurred this weekend when Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtic's refused to put a table on his Credit Card, and wanted to pay in cash.

    So this of course begs the question, why didn't he want to leave a paper trail? It wasn't because he had practice the next morning, because he had just finished a game with the New Jersey Nets. Perhaps he didn't want a significant other finding out he was in da club. Or perhaps as we surmise he didn't want others to find out he was in da club, da club being Tenjune. Cause if you're really fly, and are in the know, you probably shouldn't be bottom-fishing at Tenjune on a Saturday night with the B+T crowd.