About That Allen & Delancey Transfer...

by BILLY GRAY · April 29, 2010

    Yesterday we ran a tip about a new bar from Matt Shendell coming to the former Allen & Delancey address. Shendell let us know that any designs on that particular location are no longer, and that the search for another downtown restaurant/pub continues. Statement below. 

    "Whomever wrote that or stated it obviously has ulterior motives. Must be the same people who said dune had EPA problems. When your on top, people constantly take shots. We were planning on a doing a full service, first class restaurant-pub downtown, that had a 2am license. We are no longer entertaining this particular location, but will keep looking downtown for other spaces.

    Matt Shendell"

    It could be that our source is one of Shendell's competitors, which he thinks include the team from The Spotted Pig. Or that the information was no longer accurate since the A&D space didn't work out. Either way, we'll keep you informed of the plans for what will "emphatically not" be a frat bar. "

    Photo via BlogHamptons