Amy Sacco Deserves A Break!

by Rachelle Hruska · August 25, 2008

    amy saccoThe Queen of Nightlife's reign may be officially over, but Amy Sacco seems to be handling her downfall quite well.  Some of our favorite quotes from this Sunday's Page Six Magazine feature:

    “Certain people bitch and moan because I’m not in New York,” she says, “but I can’t be everywhere. I deserve to have a life.”

    “I’m not a kid any longer, and I never had a weekend off. I’ve never had holidays. I’ve worked since I was 13, and now it’s my time to reap the fruits of my labor.”

    Recently, Amy has been quoted—“misquoted” she says—calling NYC nightlife over and overrated. “It’s not over,” she clarifies. “I think what has happened is that all our grittiness and sexiness has been homogenized and cleaned up.”

    Over or not, I agree that our Queen, who's creation inspired our own site, be given the true break that she deserves.

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