April Fool's Day With Izzy Gold At Ella's

by ARIEL MOSES · April 3, 2009

    [Kerry Cassidy, Izzy Gold, Samantha Silverman. Photos by MICHAEL PLUNKETT for PMc] Tuesday night Izzy Gold friends and fans celebrated April Fool’s Day with Izzy Gold's Chris Young, to celebrate the release of Baya Voce's new album, which he produced. Guests arrived at Ella’s and were treated to complimentary Star Vodka cocktails sponsored by Andy Hilfiger Entertainment, Fame Is Television, and The Immortals.

    On hand were Liam McMullan, Brad Leinhardt, Briana Swanson, Chris Brady, Sam Talbot, Alexander Shoong, Stuart Sher, Chet Cannon, Scott Herman, Victor Medina-San Andres, Dina & Damian Abrams, Kevin Dowd, the Indiggo Girls, Elana Jaroff, and Sadiq Busby.

    As usual, Izzy Gold hosted an incredibly fun event, and it was a wonderful way to spend April Fool’s (no pun intended).

    Nayab Ahmed, R.J. Jean, Gina Sachi, Cristin Chanel

    Ariel Moses, Izzy Gold, Briana Swanson, Victor Medina-San Andres