Belvedere IX Party At Le Baron NYC Hosted By Andre Saraiva

by DASHA BRIL · February 13, 2009

    [Paul Sevigny, Andre, Caitlin Phillips, Chris Thomas. Photos by EUGENE MIM for PMc]

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    The line was around the corner at the Bowery Hotel for the Belvedere IX party last night, when the chic space transformed into a satellite of the even chicer Le Baron club (of Paris--and Tokyo--fame). Perhaps this new venture will bring some much-needed life to the hotel... but the outpost will be around for a limited time only, so get over there while you can kiddies! Andre Saraiva, co-owner of Le Baron--and our dear old Beatrice Inn--had collaborated with Belvedere to design the funky "Mr. IX" logo, and played host for the evening while Paul Sevigny worked the turntables.

    More photos from this event below...

    Waris Ahluwalia, Andre, Devorah Rose

    Carol Han, Kristian Laliberte, Paul Sevigny