"Best $2 I Ever Spent!" NY Mag's Campfire On The Canal

by Rachelle Hruska · October 1, 2008

    [Photos via Nicky Digital]

    The Yard in Carroll Gardens was rocking this Sunday as the "perennially on-the-verge folkster Jose Gonzalez" played for the hipstery end of New York Magazine's following who, along with Upright Citizens Brigade Theater hosted the affair (part of the "New York by New York" series).  These photos, taken by Nicky Digital give me a sense of what I missed out on, (gourmet roasted marshmallows from Butterfield 8!?), as well as this highly professional video.

    Also, the highlight of the evening, looked to be some sort of chicken tacos/burrito thing and was, from the photos, clearly worth the effort spent eating.

    More photos below: