"Best $3.7k I Ever Spent!" Pink Elephant Reveals Their New Year's Eve Plans

by Rachelle Hruska · October 23, 2008

    Pink Elephant New Years Eve

    Last year it was sparkling red, the year before that, glittering gold....just what will the Pink Elephant bottle servers be wearing this New Years Eve? Your guess is as good as mine, but if you are looking to hobnob with them this year, you better get your tickets now. There are the standard VIP tables per usual, and the ULTRA VIP tables. I broke it down for you:



    A table for 6



    A table for 8



    A table for 10



    A table for 12

    not offered


    A table for 15


    not offered

    To find out everything included in the VIP treatment packages Go HERE. And, if you're interested, download their form, fill it out and FAX it in to them. Yes that's right. Fax. They will NOT be accepting Internet reservations. Pink Elephant is striving to bring back the old days of 27th street and they are going to do absolutely everything they can to do just that. This year, at midnight, they'll be toasting the decades of the apex of the fax machines, the same ones that breed all of those Gekko inspired banker boys that have kept this place running for so long.

    New YearNew YearNew Year

    More photos below:

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    New Year

    New Year

    New YearNew Year